Technology Excellence

Our main competitive advantage in technology is our TECHNOLOGY. PlayGineering invented new methods that were non existing in the market ever before!

Our technology`s uniqueness is in providing better results in more efficient way – the technology is more adaptable, multiple time more cost effective and more intelligent than any other solution so far in the market. Our R&D key words are Computer vision, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, Robotics and Big Data.

Short facts

  • One Server, one Platform
  • Up to 150 fps at Full HD resolution
  • Up to 4K UHD (4096 x 2160) resolution
  • Up to 24 cameras
  • International patent based

Technology advantages

  • Multisport solution
  • Real time
  • Fully automated
  • Extremely modular and Mobile
  • Single platform for Analytics, Statistics,
  • Entertainment and Referee

Inputs and outputs

  • Scoreboard connection – available with the most popular producers of the score boards
  • Industry standard HD-SDI outputs for broadcasting
  • Optical Recognition Camera – for old scoreboards or temporary installations we recommend our Live scoreboard recognition software that recognize scoreboard numbers in real time video
  • Use the same cameras for different purposes of the system
  • Different types of outputs for the 3rd parties, e.g., timing, overlays and many other, through twisted pair, RS232 and other type of connections available.


  • Server 4U (56 cm)

    Rack mount

  • Multisport software platform

    Universal platform provides full range of technologies for different sports, e.g., Basketball, Ice Hockey and Handball

  • Video compression format

    H.264 worldwide standard


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