Real time player, number, ball / puck tracking

  • Statistics & Analytics

    New generation data collection provides efficient data based decisions

  • Without any tags

    Tracking without any physical devices on players or ball / puck

  • Budget friendly

    Complies with your budget thanks to the unique technology

  • Multi - sports solution

    Use the same platform for different team sport

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Fully automated, operator free game filming

  • Streaming & broadcasting

    Real time, industry standard HD-SDI outputs & streaming

  • Media Mixer

    Mixing of graphics, layers & video from multiple cameras

  • Robotic cameras

    Automated management by the system based on player/ball/puck tracking

  • New revenue streams

    More sponsors. More commercials. More fans & spectators through wider engagement.

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Video referee & review assistant system

  • Complies with regulations

    Approved in TOP level World championships, tournaments and leagues

  • Multi sport platform

    Goal line and Instant replay functionality for multiple sports

  • Mobile & modular

    Fully portable, internationally patented high speed and high precision solution

  • Operation room

    Affordable and easy to install

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PlayEntertainment Lite

Budget friendly game filming and production from 3 cameras

  • ~ zero operational costs

    Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision ensures automated filming

  • Live broadcasting

    Real time streaming on YouTube or any other channel

  • Adaptive for multiple sports

    Flexible solution that suits any sport or arena

  • Mobile and easy to install

    Lite, portable and fits in 2 Pelican cases

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