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Winning team

Richard Fomrats

(CEO, Founder)
MBA with distinction, two MSc. in Economics

Mr. Fomrats has 15 years of experience as a business owner and manager. His entrepreneurial skills have created innovation-based companies in various industries – construction, horses, adventure tourism, technology and sports. Mr. Fomrats has a unique ability to develop innovative ICT solutions to enhance traditional businesses. He is the author/co – author of numerous patents.

Sanita Meijere

(Head of Sales, Partner)
PhD can. IT Governance, MBA w. distinction, MSc. Law

Ms. Meijere has 15 years of experience in IT solutions` sales and marketing, as well operations` management and IT project implementation, e.g. Business Software Alliance, Microsoft, SQUALIO – DPA Group and Atea. She created and ran the regional office in Caucasus for the largest Latvian IT company, doubling annual turnover year over year by actively growing regional sales, supervising marketing, managing 16 developers, IT infrastructure and security experts. Ms. Meijere holds certifications in Information security, QM, ITSM, ITIL, MCP and Citrix.

Sergey Ivaninok

BSC in Computer science

Highly skilled Software Engineer and Chief Technical officer with an extensive experience in designing and development of solutions for machine learning and artificial intelligence. People, new businesses` development and project management experience.

Dimitry Pyshkin

(CFO, Partner, Business Angel)
MSc. in Business Management

Dimitry managed Rietumu as one of the most successful bank in the Baltics as vice president for almost 15 years before he became business angel and CFO of PlayGineering. Mr.Pyshkin have excellent background and experience in financial area. His influence helped in restructuring the business towards future challenges.

Anrijs Brencans

(CBDO, Partner)
MBA in Sports Governance w. distinction, MSc. Economics

Mr. Brencans is a member of the Executive Committee of the European Handball Federation. He previously held positions of Secretary General and President of the Latvian Handball Federation. Mr. Brencans was also an Executive Member of Latvian Olympic committee. He has overseen and executed over 500 highly complicated and strategically important sports development projects.

Olegs Sorokins

(Sport Advice, Partner)

Head coach of the ice hockey champion team, “Mogo,” Mr. Sorokins has coached and played professional hockey in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden and Switzerland. Experienced entrepreneur in different areas. TV Expert and media professional in sports.

More about US

We are Pioneers in video analytic and entertainment solutions for professional sports based on patented technology innovations and business model innovation, that creates a new market space with the teams, leagues, federations and championships that never used such technologies due to their high cost.

Our cutting – edge solutions and disruptive innovation changes the entire sports` industry providing functionality and values that our customers have been waiting for many years, and even more – at unexpectedly affordable budget.

Our winning team – a unique combination of sports and IT professionals, have been developing and providing sport technology solutions for the professional sports` games since 2008. Our implemented projects have received an excellent customer feedback about meeting their genuine needs and values.

Our team with more than 30 experienced professionals – master and doctor educational level, in sports and its governance, engineering, programming, and R&D, developed a new generation of video analytic solution that provides a logical continuity of the existing video referee systems that already acquired customers in Europe, Russia, and Asia.

Our Instant replay systems, entertainment and video analytic solutions in various modifications have been installed in numerous sports` and multifunctional arenas all around Europe and Asia. These Instant replay and video referee solutions have already been chosen for many championships and tournaments to ensure successful and fair game.

PlayGineering Systems has signed the agreement number SKV-L-2016/758 (September 7, 2016) with Latvian Investment and development agency and is receiving the support of European Regional development fund (activity “Promotion of International Competitiveness”).

PlayGineering Systems has received the support from Latvian Investment and development agency according to agreement number NP-2015/27. Project “PlayGineering Systems sporta video analītikas sistēma” was successfully finished with support from “Norway grants” and “Latvian Investment and Development agency”.



  • 80+ worldwide installations
  • Presence in 40+ countries
  • 10+ years of experience in PRO sports technology R&D
  • Unique cutting – edge technologies
  • Olympic level & world championships & TOP leagues
  • Trusted adviser

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Client Testimonials

  • With the addition of new data, such as mileage and images that can be seen from multiple viewpoints, we were able to have a deeper guidance to the players. The strategy had to rely on experience, but by obtaining visual data in real time, it becomes possible to understand the gap and the problem with the strategy just by looking and it will become possible to more effectively create the tactics of the second half (Tokyo Haneda Vickies), and received high evaluations from the respective stakeholders.

    Nishinomiya Storks
    B League of Japan
  • In bird’s eye view, I think that it is a very effective tool for constructing a strategy. There is a shortage of leaders currently in the club activities of middle school and high school students, but if you have such a tool, it may be a clue to solving it.

    Mr. Ryo Kinoshita
    Secretary general of Womens Japan basketball league (WJBL)
  • We have seen what happens when a goal is counted based on a single referee’s ”misfigured” decision. Floorball is very fast and can`t be judged 100% by the eye of referee. What future holds for floorball is very clear- technological referee and analytics systems, because that`s how fair game can be implemented and fans can be satisfied.

    Ilvis Petersons
    President of Latvian Floorball Federation / President of WFC 2016
  • Referees have always had a hard time during questionable goal situations. In such high level tournaments as Men`s World Floorball Championship, it is crucial for referees to make the right decisions at the right time, so that both players and fans are satisfied. With the PlayReferee system provided by PlayGineering, on field refs can be sure that decisions they make are precise and delivered on time. With this system the game has less interruptions and more entertainment.

    Maris Kumerdanks
    International Floorball Federation / LFS Referee Committee
  • They were the only ones who agreed to install their system in Beijing within 3 weeks and in Shanghai in 10 days! Guys did an amazing job considering all the distances… In Beijing Chinese install all the cables and wires so Latvians had just to install the system but in Shanghai they managed everything. This system qualifies for KHL, in total there are 3 systems produced on the market (that qualifies for KHL) – one by PlayGineering Systems, another two in Slovakia and Russia. Russians were not ready to install in such a short period and Russian system is 5 times more expensive.

    HC KunLun Red Star
    Vice Sports` Director
  • The referees of the Latvian Ice Hockey Federation have been successfully using the continuous recording solutions developed by PlayGineering Systems in matches of different leagues where video analysis of scoring may be necessary. The solutions developed by the company provide our referees with full functionality and performance, high image resolution and operational stability, all of which are important preconditions for objective decision-making by referees during the match. We are pleased to know that the product of such a technological level is produced in Latvia and we certainly recommend the use of Re-Play Ice hockey to other European clubs and leagues.

    Maris Balodnieks
  • The instant replay solution which was created by PlayGineering Systems is rather mobile for being used in such multifunctional arenas as Arena Riga. Setup and maintenance process takes just a couple of hours and is effective. It can be accomplished during the short periods of time between the events taking place at the arena and sport events requiring the system.

    Edgars Buncis
  • ChaulaTV is an interactive HD quality streaming TV channel. As the professional TV content and technical solution developers, we highly appreciate work with PlayGineering systems, their innovative approach, and the quality of recorded material. Applied formats altogether with Full HD quality are ideally suited for professional television broadcasting without additional conversion, time, and eventual quality loss. Therefore we strongly recommend this system to increase the visual attractiveness of that dynamic sport, delivering valuable content to their numerous fans.

    Janis Vaisla
  • In our first season we get a great opportunity to equip all our technical support positions according the latest technical standards that are available in ice hockey world at the present moment. It relates to video referee system from PlayGineering Systems as well. We are satisfied with its quality, functionality and pricing, as well as the fact that it can be serviced by a local company. We are also glad that we were able to upgrade the system to keep up with league’s new requirements without replacing the whole system, therefore saving a considerable amount of money. We are confident that PlayGineering Systems is a company we can rely on.

    HC Lev Prague
    Technical director
  • The “DINAMO RIGA” hockey club is already in its fourth season in the Kontinental Hockey League. Previously, we used another video recording system to replay the incidents, but during our second season in the league we began using the innovative solution, Re-Play Ice hockey, provided by PlayGineering systems.
    We are highly satisfied with our choice, as it meets all our needs.

    Armands Simsons

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