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Tracking for multiple sports


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Fully automated broadcasting and data gathering

Statistics & Analitycs

Data based decisions

Streaming & Broadcasting

Industry standard HD-SDI outputs and streaming

Player Tracking

In real time without any physical tags

Automated Filming

Fully automated operator free game filming

Ball Tracking

Real time ball and puck tracking

Media Mixer

Mixing of graphics and video from multiple cameras

Number Tracking

Track player numbers

Video Referee

Video referee and review assistance system

Robotic Cameras

you do not need operators for game filming

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Richard Fomrats

(CEO, Founder)

Sanita Meijere

(Head of Sales, Partner)

Sergey Ivaninok


Dimitry Pyshkin

(CFO, Partner, Business Angel)

Anrijs Brencans

(CBDO, Partner)

Olegs Sorokins

(Sport Advice, Partner)

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